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This blog is by sobermack.

As I am a poor lowly citizen happily without chemicals other than the required caffeinated coffee in my system (they told me in 93 that the secret to sobriety was in the coffee..must be working), I can not afford anything other than FREE stuff today. I am also extremely electronically challenged, can’t spell and talk with a Texas accent..also write in “Texan grammar”.

After a couple of months of trying to figure this page out this is what I have come up with to navigate this page.

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The reason for this blog still stands.
been sober 18 years. can’t believe it…it is NOTHING I have done. Took me 9 years to get the gift of desperation before that. I was really really really sick by the time I:

1- had the effing pride beat out of me enough to say “I dont” know”.
2- could take direction and be teachable
3- started to understand that no HUMAN power, nothing in this world could help me
4- believed that my body was as sick as my mind
5- could even fathom that if I worked on my spirit then the rest would “get straightened out”.

Here recently I did another 90 in 90 to get fully on the beam again.
Not easy being old-time hard a$$ sober person from West Tx in 2011.

This Blog will be about my thoughts on whats going on in a program that does not even closely resemble how I got sober. I am so grateful so very grateful for the gift and the folks that gave me what had been given to them. I must pass it on or I will not be able to keep it.

I STILL have a diseased mind that tells me it is normal. I can die of that in 24 hours. Join me in the meeting in my head, conversations with my sponsor, pigeons and virtual reality discussions with all those 3 as well as precious memories of what it was like,what happened and what it’s like now.

When I 1st got sober I was told the meeting in my head was always “in session”, whether I gave it permission or not… That all those people in there were non-sober people with non-sober ideas, attitudes and actions.

I was told that as time went on I would have a head just like in a REAL meeting where the wise old-timers(sponsors) sat up front I was told that there will ALWAYS be a few drunks who sit under the blinking Miller Light sign in my head meeting. They will ALWAYS standup and say “Now that calls for a drink!”,” Some wacky would make this funny”,or “Now wait a minute have you thought about it THIS way?”. And that just like in a real meeting the old-timers would turn and look at them and say “Thank you for sharing now please sit down.”

They were RIGHT. Over the years Laura, Lynn, Chris, Rhonda, Dan, Willie, Frank and Charlie and a million others like Scott, John,Tracy,Earl,and Micki have taken up residence. Their humor in any given crises is always a blessing.

So read on and laugh with what sobriety looks like on sobermack. It aint always right nor pretty but it is always immensely entertaining. Every now and then, when I am in fit spiritual condition something good and pure, loving,kind and tolerant will come out. All I can tell you there is:

“Of my self I am nothing, HP doeth the works”.

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